Muscle tight??…

muscle tights

Some pieces of clothing only serve to confuse the beholder… Really, if it takes someone more than a few seconds to decipher what you’re wearing, clearly it would be better off in the trash.


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Heinlein Quote

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life.  And that is why I succeed. – Michael Jordan

The pupil who is never required to do what he cannot do, never does what he can do. – John Stuart Mill

I want my kids to fail.  That probably isn’t at the top of your list for your kids, but it should be.  Failure is one of the most important experiences they will ever have.  The road to success is paved with failure because failure teaches us how to succeed.

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LMFAO Friday ;)

LMFAO spells one word; “weekend”, with an exclamation mark! Either that or I’m way too easy to please on a Friday afternoon. I stumbled upon their “Party Rock” album a few hours ago, looking for a pick-me-up after a reeeaally rainy lunch hour. And it did not disappoint. Although the lyrics are not that original(for those of you who like deep sh**, stay away or you’ll be disgusted!), the songs are good. And by good I mean make-you-wanna-dance-on-a-tabletop good. Id say “shots” and “I am not a whore” left a mark on me. In fact, I would not be surprised if I woke up humming these on Saturday morning. But that all depends on whether I do SHOTS! or not tonight …**..happy weekend

Dating Online…the good, the bad and the (mostly)ugly!

Like most things that were once considered to be taboo, online dating is now pretty much an everyday thing.  How many stories do we come across everyday online or in some other form of media telling us how two people found each other through dating online and the rest became history. It even qualifies as a modern day love story! However, as socially accepted as it now is, there are still a lot of naysayers who love to bash the concept and try to convince you that it’s still as dangerous and ineffective as it was in the 90′s. I agree, it is dangerous, the stuff our parents would probably advise us against. But what is life without a little danger and mystery, right?

Personally, I’ve been online dating for a few years now…Actually, come to think of it, the first time I ended up dating someone I met online was when I was 19. It didn’t last long, but in the end, it was a whole new learning experience. Now, at 24, I can say that I pretty much know exactly what I’m doing when it comes to online dating. I’m not blowing my own trumpet or anything, but I know what I’m doing – In the most humble way possible.

Yes, I know. There are a couple of you out there who need a lot more convincing than most. But you’ll never know if you don’t try, right?? Plus I’m sure you’ve heard that saying;”try everything once”. Good or bad, you’re bound to learn a valuable lesson either way. If it doesn’t work out, we can just chalk it up to life experience.

I know what you’re about to say;you can never know if what most people are telling you online is true”! This is true, and is usually the case with online dating. People lie because they know they can get away with it. And let’s face it, we know the other party will have to believe whatever we tell them. Take it or leave it. But really, there is no way of knowing if what these people are telling you online is true or not.  And then again, that guy/girl you met at the bar last night could quite possibly be just as creative and insincere as the person you just met online! Even more! It’s a gamble either way!  You just need to be aware of this, stick to your gut instincts and keep track of the things this person tells you.  Over time ask the same questions again and see if you get consistent answers.  Consistency is key! Unless, by some weird twist, this guy/girl is the best liar in the world. And let’s face it that is highly unlikely.

A lot of people – actually, a huge percentage of people online – post fake pictures (or really old pictures from when they were younger and better looking!). I admit, sometimes even I’m guilty of this but thanks to it I’ve learned to NEVER meet a potential date in person until you’ve managed to get a totally recent photo of them. I imagine the shock some guy would go through meeting the real me after I’d sent him a photo from five years ago! After you’ve shared enough emails and feel like you quite possibly could connect on a deeper level, give them your phone number and ask them to take a picture of themselves and send it to you right then and there. Yes, I know what you’re thinking..”how many people have camera phones?”…then you can instead ask them for their Face book ID so you can check those photos out. If they in any way avoid taking a recent picture for you, suggest web caming, and if they still can’t follow through DROP THEM! Clearly, this person is either hiding something, or has no face!! Neither are desirable qualities in a date. Although, if you look at this from another point of view, it could get annoying if someone keeps badgering you for a photograph. So please, display some tact so as not to anger your potential date.

One of the biggest issues with online dating, however, must be how to tell if the person you meet is seriously looking for a relationship and not just sex? Well, this depends. Are you looking for a relationship?? If not, good for you. You’re basically good to go with whoever you pick. However, there’s no way of knowing what is going on in anyone’s head.  This goes for both the people you meet online and the people you meet in person by chance.  One thing I can say from experience is, if what you’re looking for is a relationship, you should probably weed out the lower quality websites. Pick out a nice site, shady sites should be left for the porn seekers. If you are looking for just sex, let’s face it, willing parties are not that hard to find. But really, everyone is looking for sex. Some people just take the longer route, also known as “dating”.

That said, if online dating goes well enough to turn into a relationship, who’s to say they won’t meet other people online while you’re together? I mean, they met you online, what makes you think that they’ll stop looking for other people online? All I can say is people pose the same threats and we’re all facing the same risks when entering into a new relationship.  Welcome to the world of dating!  It’s life!  Sometimes you find a good one, sometimes you find a bad one, sometimes you end up alone! Besides, who’s to say you won’t like them and go ahead to find someone else online too! Chances of disappointment go both ways, you might turn out to be the giver or the receiver, or both.

I think, on the whole, online dating is more appreciated by women. For the most part, we have all been raised thinking that men have to be the initiators in a courtship and have thick enough skin (for the most part) to withstand rejection.  One thing I can honestly say that is a definite bonus to online dating (for both sexes) is that women have become more daring and have taken on the initiator role as well.  Where a woman would be too embarrassed to approach a man in person or just be extremely terrified of rejection, they feel a lot safer in doing so online.  Instead of facing public humiliation, at worst they may receive an email saying “Thanks, but I don’t think you’re really my type” or their advance may be ignored. No harm, no foul! No embarrassment and no hurt feelings (you know how well we women handle those)! Just don’t turn into a stalker. Remember “No means no”.

So, now you know! Online dating can indeed be risky, but not more or less than meeting someone while out and about or through friends.  It does come with its own warning label, but if you play your cards right and keep your wits about you, you will be just fine.  If you’ve been thinking about joining an online dating site and have been afraid, don’t be.  Give it a shot!  You never know who you may meet there whose path you may have never crossed in person otherwise.




What I wish I knew then

Dear younger self,
This is a letter from your wiser older self. I’ll try not to use too many grown up words because you haven’t learned them all yet. Give it time. You’ll know lots of pretentious words before you’re 30.
Even though the teenage years seem to go on forever, they will come to an end. You’ll be ecstatic to be free of school… until you go back to university and decide to become a banker. I know, I know; I can’t explain it except you’ll learn to conquer numbers despite that panic thing you have now every time you have to do them. I’d tell you to Google it, but you wouldn’t understand what that means because the internet isn’t a hit yet. In the future, you’ll waste al your free time on the web, blogging and Face booking (but then so will everyone else, so you won’t be alone.)
If you can, do a bit better in school and volunteer. These sorts of things will help you get scholarships to pay for your higher education. Plus, volunteering feels good: you meet all sorts of wonderful like-minded people (really!). When you’re older, you’ll wish you put more effort into your schoolwork and got lots of 90s; thankfully by the time you get to university, you become a real keener and do so well, you’ll even briefly consider a Masters and PhD until you realize it limits your job prospects to being an accountant and driving a Volvo. But you could do it and have a Dr. in front of your name. And that’s what counts.
Despite what I said in the last paragraph, get out more. You are far too devoted to having your nose in a book. Find more ways to hang out with friends. Hiding in your room drawing and writing novels that will never see the light of day is bad for the complexion. You can’t write without experience anyway.
Try something a little bad. At least once. I’m not talking cocaine; I’m talking about letting loose and living. Get drunk once (or twice). Puke on someone. Wear a lamp shade. Something!
Drive as much as you can. By the time you’re my age, gas will triple in price, and you won’t be able to go to the station and put it on the “tab.” There will come a day when fuel economy is more important than engine power. Yeah, I know, eh?
Be wise with your money. Don’t buy crap. You’ll eventually hate the clutter. During university, you’ll move around a lot AND live in buildings with stairs. Lots of stairs. Think about how you’ll carry all that crap around. Consider more wicker furniture; avoid the heavy wooden things. And do you need that many clothes you NEVER wear?
Speaking of narcissism, unplug the hair dryer. Your hair is really short (and will always be). You really don’t need to be straightening it. You’ll gain 10 to 15 minutes per day; 70 minutes a week; 280 minutes a month; and 3360 minutes per year. That’s 56 hours of your life you’ll never get back because you straighten your hair. Someday you’d rather use that time wisely, by playing solitaire or something.
When you’re out and about, speak up. Try not to be so shy. Someday you will actually enjoy public speaking and won’t want to shut up. You’ll even try karaoke (though you won’t sing for anyone now). So start having a voice at a younger age. Maybe that would help the bullying situation.
Speaking of which, you’ll survive your social disasters. In fact, it makes you an empathetic person who is supportive of those who are the underdogs of society (which is usually most of us at some point.) I have a feeling we would’ve been a spoiled little brat without a few bumps in the road.
Boys! Since this occupies most of your hormone-filled days: occasionally some really nice good looking guys are going to cross your path, sometimes even showing up right on your doorstep. Now I know you won’t believe me, but they’re going to like you and you won’t really know it because you aren’t yet a master of body language and you don’t believe anyone could really like you. Don’t let your self-esteem issues keep you from enjoying romance and missing the boat. And never forget, you aren’t fat!! (Put down that copy of Cosmo).
Finally, remember to spend more time with your family, enjoying every moment, every road trip, and every meal. There’s going to come a day when not everyone is going to be together for holidays and special events. This is going to hurt, but life builds character and makes you wise.
It’s not all bad, though. Keep in mind you’ll get to do some awesome things. There are so many wonderful people to meet in all your programs of study. And you’ll actually get to work in advertising, be on the radio, be published in magazines, and master the art of changing a flat tire and baking (that one will take awhile!)
In essence, even when things are bad, enjoy your life. It goes far too quickly, especially when you begin realizing one-third of your life is gone and you still haven’t published a book, married, had kids or gotten a house as per “The Plan”. When you’re young, boredom can make time last forever; as you get older, it goes so fast, you’ll begin to sound like one of those older people who always says “I don’t know where time goes anymore.”
Really, it goes by in a heartbeat.
Your Older (more experienced) Self

My first baby shower!!..:)

Yes, i finally went to one of those things!. Two of my workmates are having babies….like yesterday!!<0k, maybe two weeks from now> and as is tradition, we had to throw them a “thing” to show our support and guarantee that we’ll get a baby shower of our own when the time comes. Honestly, i only went cuz it was in a bar….i cud swing that.

It was nice..the gifts, the talk of baby names,…ok im kidding, i was not feeling it! But when i let go and got into the mood and all, it was actually not bad. Needless to say, it was a surprisingly fun two or so hours and i might do it again…someday. But when you look past it all, sometimes a girl just needs things like this…you know, so we can remind ourselves of somethings

While we’re on the subject of babies(gosh, this word hurts my teeth!!), i found some really cool baby quotes;

A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase.

Families with babies and families without babies are sorry for each other.
– Ed Howe

A crying baby is the best form of birth control.
– Carole Tabron

A baby is a blank cheque made payable to the human race.
– B.C. Seifert

Watching a baby being born is a little like watching a wet St. Bernard coming in through the cat door.
– Jeff Foxworthy

I can’t think why mothers love them. All babies do is leak at both ends.
– Douglas Feaver

Babies are such a nice way to start people.
– Don Herrold

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